ScotPlanet IT Services
• IT Consultancy
• Remote Management
• Cloud Backup

I take care of your Tech,
so that you can run your business

MY TEAM AND I ARE Experts at implementing new technologies, solutions and automated systems, improving the functionality, stability and performance of a company’s IT infrastructure.


IT Consultancy

Advice and consultancy on any aspect of your IT environment from hardware/software upgrades and rollouts to infrastructure design and IT systems automation

Remote Management

Avoid downtime and expensive repairs with proactive 24/7 Remote IT Management and preventative maintenance, to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly and efficiently

Cloud Backup Service

Our highly popular Cloud Data Backup Service is the optimal way to store all your data safely and securely. The ultimate cloud solution for your business,

SCOTPLANET IT Services was designed as fully remote service, yet we are ALWAYS available, 24/7, 365 –  keeping your data safe and secure and your computers and devices running smoothly.  

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